5KW Single-phase Energy Storage Inverter

product features

Integrated Design for PV and Energy Storage

integrate PV and energy storage, equipped with UPS functional, supporting various kinds of batteries.


Smart switching

UPS function, on/off gird switch within 10ms.


Wide voltage input range

Wide PV voltage input range 120V-500V,wide batteries voltage range 85V-450V


Safe and Reliable

IP 65 protection, high Electricity quality, no interference with other equipment.



Small size, light and easy to install, ultra-silent, flexible communications.



Max Efficiency 97.8%, Smart MPPT, tracing efficiency up to 99.99%

Technical parameter
Parameter KY-1Hybrid-5k0-H

PV Input

Vmax PV 550V d.c.
Isc PV (absolute Max.) 15A/15A
Max PV input power 7000W
Number of MPP trackers 2
Number of input strings 1/1
Max. PV input current / string 12A/12A
MPPT voltage range 120-500Vdc
Vdc range @ full power 250-500Vdc

Battery (input and output)

Max Input/Output Voltage 450V
Operating Voltage Range 85V ~450V (self-adapt )
Max Charge/Discharge Current 25A/25A
Max Input/Output Power 5000W/5000W
Battery Type Li-ion(LFP)/ Lead-Acid

AC Grid (input and output)

Normal Voltage 230VAC, 1ϕ (L/N/PE)
Frequency 50Hz
Max. continuous input/output current 21.7A
Max. continuous output Power 5000W
Max. continuous output Power 5000VA
Power factor and PF range >0.99 (-0.8~+0.8)

Off-Grid AC Output (Backup AC output)

Normal Voltage 230VAC, 1ϕ (L/N/PE) ( N not connect PE inside)
Frequency 50Hz
Nominal Output Current 21.7A
Nominal Output Power 5000W
Nominal Output Power 5000VA


Protective class Class I
Ingress protection IP 65
Working temperature -25℃ to 60℃ (derating 45℃)
Overvoltage category OVC II(PV)(Battery) , OVCIII(AC main Grid)
Humidity 4% ~ 95 % no condensation
Isolation Transformerless
Condition Outdoor unconditioned
Dimensions 390*500*185mm
Weight 18kg
Country of origin Made in China
Specifications Size Type Down
Koyoe Energy - Warranty commitment 90.1KB PDF
KY-1Hybrid-5k0-H User Manual 1.68MB PDF
KY-1Hybrid-5k0-H datasheet 170.KB PDF
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